"Making life more fun and meaningful"



"Our vision is to improve lives by developing and distributing disruptive fulfillments on a global scale"



For every targeted fulfillment, we start by thoroughly investigating the micro dynamics within the macro processes linked to the chosen fulfillment. Furthermore, we conduct research into the various technical obstacles that are paired with the intended solution. This deductive approach provides valuable insight during the execution phase.


To ensure successful execution, we begin searching extremely skilled and like-minded individuals to include in our group. After the required expertise has been incorporated, a continues organic development process is initiated with shorter interaction lines and longer cycle runs than most research & development practices. When the fulfillment has been deemed ready for deployment a conservative roll out is favored. The end of the execution phase has been reached when every critical assumption is validated and the behavior of value and cost metrics are well known.




Within the optimization phase, we aim to expand within the limits of sustainable growth. Simultaneously we opt to steadily diversify revenue streams and improve upon the overall user experience.



We Are

Existing because we are eager "and stubborn"  to increase our global impact by making the lives more fun and meaningful for as many people as possible. Because of the various disciplines and strongly shared interest in continuous self-development, everybody within our team can be challenged to step out of their comfort zone.



To be launched in 2020

With this fulfillment we aim to increase the frequency in which people connect trough experiences. As for now, we have chosen a digital solution. This due to future opportunities for increased synergism.



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